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Anniversary Book

Posted on Oct 6, 2014 by in Design, Print | 0 comments


“We decided to finish our project “Klekljane rože za Brezjansko Marijo” (Bobbin lace flowers for Brezjes’ Mary) in which over 600 people from all over Slovenia participated with a book. In the book we wanted to show pictures of the final works, show the national temple at Brezje and testimonies and confessions from some of the artists. Designing the book was a hard task because we had to combine 242 pictures and different written content in a meaningful fashion. Uroš took on this task and showed his skills, knowledge, precision and patience. Besides retouching all of the pictures, Uroš contributed with numerous creative original ideas that contributed a lot to the value of this book. We produced 1200 books that were sold in 3 months. “

-Tanja Oblak, Book author

I also work on projects that at first don’t look like something I would be a part of. I love to try something new all the time and also I have done a lot of charity work. In this case I was designing a book for a study group of bobbin lacing. They had this big project and I was asked again to create a book for it. I have worked with them in the past on a similar project where I also designed a book and photograph their artwork. This is the second one where we decided to put more effort in it and the book was published at a Slovenian publishing agency in May 2014.

IMG_3138 IMG_2353 IMG_2352 IMG_2350 IMG_2348

Besides the book I also created some additional printing materials. T-shirts, coffee mug and some other flyers and pamphlets.


This project was special for many reasons. One was the fact that I did the whole thing long distance. While I was living in London and doing my Masters course I worked over emails and phone calls with them from Slovenia. I also tried different printing techniques so that at the end we managed to have gold colour printed on the covers. I lead the whole project with communication to the group as well as the printing shops and publishing company. It was a nice challenge with great success.