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Posted on Oct 1, 2014 by in Design | 0 comments


In October I got a phonecall from a design agency that was looking for an iBooks professional. They got my contact trough my friend that knew how much of an Apple fanatic I am.

The job was editing and creating an iBook for their client. Sadly I can’t show it because of the NDA but I can still write about it. I managed to find workarounds that work in the closed environment of ebooks. Lots of trial and error with buttons and navigation. The the biggest problem was that what they were doing was a report and not an actual book. Looked more like a keynote presentation. Ebooks are meant to be responsive and just text. Once we put in our own designs, pictures and videos the thing collapsed. The navigation didn’t work as well because it should be done in chapters and automatic page flipping instead of buttons on every page like a website.  In any case I found solitons for all the problems and finished the job in a couple of days.

Client happy / all happy.