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ICA event

Posted on Oct 3, 2014 by in Design, Print | 0 comments

Brochure group 1

Working in a group with my 2 classmates and our tutor from Masters course we responded to a brief for a symposium “Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Art Schools So Different, So Appealing?” A symposium that seeks to address the current state of art school education and ask; can art and design be taught? And if so, how? What is the current art school experience and what could it be?

The brief was for a booklet with the schedule of the event and posters with quotes from artists that were associated with Hornsey College of Arts in the past.


We started with a research trough an archive of old products from the Hornsey College of Arts which is the predecessor of Middlesex University.


IMG_2878 IMG_4292 IMG_4296 IMG_4291 IMG_4295   IMG_4293



We received the quotes and started working on the posters. I have prepared a version of the poster that mimicked the old woodcut printing and screen printing process.  You can see the first version here, and also a youtube time-lapse video of creating the poster.

poster one

At the end we decided to go for a more vectorised version which was easier to recreate in multiple forms for multiple quotes that we had.

These are the final posters.




We also designed and self printed over 200 booklets with details and schedule of the symposium. It was an interesting experiment with normal office printers and very tight deadline.

The booklet itself is designed to reflect what we found in our research. The type is similar to an old typewriter and we even added print imperfections in the copy. Every page is slightly askew showing an old printing method. We also used plain paper and for the cover we used black and white printing on red paper. Again reflecting the lack of materials available at the time.

Brochure group 1

IMG_4309IMG_4311 IMG_4312 IMG_4320IMG_4325IMG_4324



The symposium

At the end we delivered all the design outcomes to the ICA where the symposium was happening. We mounted the posters around the institute, spread the booklets around and also put additional quotes on vitrines in the studio.

IMG_4329 IMG_4357 IMG_4345 IMG_4343 IMG_4355