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About Me


I am Uroš Zupan. I am a designer in all shapes and sizes. Graphic designer, Digital designer, Web designer and developer, Print designer, UI/UX designer, Presentation designer,… I am also a photographer and soft skills trainer.


Throughout my design career I have mostly worked in digital design. I have a big passion for industrial design as well. The last two years I have been involved in startup companies. I have also co – founded a SAAS startup company a little over 2 years ago. I am currently working on my second startup for an appcessory I developed called Myrella.

My undergrad degree is from media production management where I focused on interactive media design. I have a big interest in mobile applications which I showed in my thesis about the cost of apps.
I just finished my Masters of Graphic Design in London where I focused on mobile technologies and the Internet of Things.

I work as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. In the meantime I am also developing the Myrella product.

As a soft skills trainer I have great knowledge in how teams work and the importance of feedback. I have lead a couple of teams in the past and I have no problem taking control in stressful situations. When I see a problem, wether it be in design, organisation or production, I find a great solution for it.